An accessible and affordable technology :

Steribar HPP allows to lengthen the shelf-life of fresh juices, while keeping the gustative and nutritional qualities of products. It  allows besides the marketing of products of premium range “clean label” exempt from any preservative.
Because the existing technologies have the reputation to be expensive, sharp to be handled, and delicate to run, we designed the STERIBAR with the following goals:

  • Reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Cost and time cutting for maintenance
  • Operational Cost cutting  ( fully automated)

These objectives guided our technical and process choices.

Longer shelflife : the stabilization of juices by High pressures (also called Pascalisation) allows to lengthen the shelf-life from few days up to  3 or 4 weeks. This means reduced products losses in shelves, a less tense logistics, and a broader sales geographical area. For the consumer, it allows to have a product which can be kept longer in his refrigerator.

Premium juice “clean label ” : products treated by Steribar HPP are exempt from any preservative and can be named ” clean label “. They have to join the cold chain and are considered as premium products because of the longer preservation of their organoleptic qualities (color, flavor, texture, vitamins). The machine was thought to handle bottles of various shapes and volumes.

Faster return on investment : thanks to its lower acquisition cost, its full automation, and its optimized maintenance costs, Steribar HPP possesses a very fast return on investment. It is not necessary to have operators for the load / unload of products in baskets, the machine fits into the production line and works in a fully autonomous mode. The limitation of the pressure to 4000b turns into a more accessible technology and leads to less wear of expensive high pressure components.

Facilitated and secured operation : the design of Steribar HPP gives an easy access for servicing the wear parts, this in the objective to simplify operation of maintenance. The man/machine interface guarantees the total traceability, and can warn the person in charge of production line of the events or the anomalies bound to the production. The system is capable of communicating in remote mode, in a way that our engineers can help for troubleshooting and tele-diagnosis.

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