Australian Companies increase their presence at ProPak

Asia 2019: Asia’s number one packaging and processing exhibition

An ever-growing number of Australian companies have identified ProPak Asia as the number one exhibition to showcase their products into the ASEAN Region and 2019 will be no exception. This year will see 17 Australian companies exhibiting at ProPak Asia, which is the largest contingent to date.

The Australian companies are exhibiting across multiple zones within the show, with the majority located in the Australian Pavilion in the Packaging Zone.

Companies in the Australian Pavilion include first-time exhibitors Australis Engineering, Lifecycles and Lantech Australasia and returning companies such as Rhima Australia, Profile Solutions, the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), INOX Australia, Lifecycles, HMPS, Fibre King and APPMA.

Additional Australian Companies located outside of the pavilion include Gold Peg, Moisttech/Maselli Asia Pacific, Metz Australia, Heat & Control and tna.

First-Time Exhibitors: Australis Engineering, Lifecycles and Lantech Asia Pacific

Established in Sydney, Australia in 1983, Australis Engineering are a multi-faceted provider of engineering design, materials handling equipment and industrial automation plus servicing and maintenance. They excel at designing and manufacturing innovative, fully-tailored materials handling equipment.

According to Mr Anthony Gustafson, Engineering Director, Australis Engineering, ‘Smart thinking in motion is Australis Engineering’s guiding ethic and is all about simplifying complex problems and finding innovative engineering solutions that solve inherently difficult materials handling challenges.’

“Smart thinking is delivered by our in-house engineering and trade experts meaning customers have direct access to the designers and technicians who are delivering your solution – nothing is lost in translation and you do not have to outsource capabilities to multiple providers,” Mr Gustafson said.

“Our customers choose Australis Engineering for our expertise in conveying, robotics, automation and materials handling and we have strong expertise in the Beverage industry – including soft drinks, juice, water, milk, wine, spirits and brewing and the Food industry – including raw meat, smallgoods, seafood, dairy and cheese, chocolate, confectionary, snack foods, biscuits, ice cream, fruit, vegetables, packaged foods, frozen food, patisserie, bakery and bread, grains, spices and oils,”

“Following our visit to the 2018 ProPak Asia exhibition, Australis Engineering realised the potential to exhibit our own equipment in 2019. 2019 will mark the first-ever international trade show for our company. Following our scoping study in 2018, we were impressed with the scale and professionalism of ProPak Asia and the strong focus on the food industry,” he said.

“Our decision to exhibit this year was also made easier by our new product development process which has resulted in the recent release of our Hygenius™ washdown conveyor for raw foods such as meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, fruit and vegetables,”

“Hygenius will be a perfect introduction for Australis Engineering into the burgeoning Asian food machinery market and created the ideal entry point for us to exhibit at ProPak Asia in 2019,” Mr Gustafson said.

Hygenius is a step-change in the way conveyors are designed and manufactured for the fresh food market. As members of the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG), Australis have taken the principles of certified, hygienic design and applied them to a food handling conveyor. Hygenius has been designed to minimise cracks and crevices where food or other product can accumulate and create bacterial growth which risks food safety. By removing material from the conveyor, we have produced a conveyor which is very fast and easy to clean. One of the most impressive design outcomes of Hygenius is how quickly it can be disassembled and reassembled. Unlike other conveyors that can take up to 40 minutes to prepare for cleaning, the toolless design of Hygenius allows it to be disassembled and reassembled in less than 2 minutes and by people of any skill level.

“With the continued growth in the ASEAN middle class creating a demand for fresher and safer or more hygienic food production, Australis are ideally placed to bring our expertise to the ASEAN marketplace and build on our reputation of providing the best, engineered solution to manufacturing and warehousing challenges,”

“Whilst we have exported our equipment to countries throughout the ASEAN region in the past, it has never been a singular focus and most projects were the result of Australian collaboration with a client wanting the same solution in the offshore facility. However, with our presence at ProPak Asia 2019, we are looking to make long-term inroads to the ASEAN market by introducing our brand and creating a local presence with an initial focus on the fresh food and beverage industries.” Mr Gustafson said.

Lantech Asia Pacific

Lantech is widely recognised as the world-leader in stretch wrapping technology which is not surprising since they invented the first rotary stretch wrapping machine and have continually re-invented the product with new features and performance enhancing technology ever since. They are also industry leaders in robust and efficient case and tray handling equipment, with a worldwide client list.

Mr David Fullerton, Sales Director, Lantech Asia Pacific added that ‘Our mission is to dramatically reduce the billions of dollars of damage that happens in transit – making sure products get from the factory floor to the retailer’s door in pristine condition. Lantech are committed to making effective stretch wrapping easy. We do that with our machines, of course, but we also offer our customers extensive knowledge from our years of experience and more than 70,000 successful application installations.’

Based on observations of loading dock operations, and examination of many loads – both those that arrived intact and those that failed -Lantech have developed criteria to define an effectively wrapped pallet load.

A safe-to-ship load must be:

• Wrapped with enough containment force everywhere on the load

• Locked to the pallet with a film cable

• Have no long or dragging film tails

“Our same principles of simple automation apply when we design our case erecting, tray erecting, case sealing and lidding machines. Our outstanding design features include Ergonomic blank infeed magazine that is power driven, not gravity fed. Cases are precisely formed and held in position while the flaps are folding. This makes a square case. Easy and fast tape changing, and blank size changeover and you will find a wealth of resources on our stand in the Australian Pavilion at Propak Thailand 2019.” Mr Fullerton said.

Lifecycles to undertake real-time sustainability assessments on the stand

Founded in 2003, Lifecycles is an experienced provider of environmental software, research, consulting and training. The team work with businesses, individuals and government to assist them in understanding and improving their environmental impacts of their products and programs. Lifecycles has grown with staff based in three states of Australia and covers a broad range of environmental software, modelling, assessment, management and communications. Lifecycles is Australia’s most experienced specialised consultancy in life cycle assessment (LCA), having undertaken over 75 LCA studies in Australia and overseas.

According to Mr Tim Grant, Director of Lifecycles, ‘2019 will be the first time they have exhibited at ProPak Asia and the team will be demonstrating the PIQET packaging software that is suitable for anyone designing packaging in the ASEAN region.’

ThePIQET live demonstrations will also undertake real-time sustainability assessments on any consumer packaging solutions which are brought to the stand. The demonstrations will show visitors the indicative environmental profile of their package and how it compares to alternative packaging. The results will provide a better understanding of what PIQET can do and highlight their packaging’s environmental hotspots.

“PIQET has a global scope and includes data for 6 Asian regions as well as Europe, the Americas and Oceania. With increased focus on packaging sustainability we see a growth in the use of sustainable design tools across the region. As the PIQET live demonstrations will also undertake real-time sustainability assessments on packaging solutions, we welcome everyone to bring their packaging to the stand for review,” Mr Grant said.

“We are really excited to showcase our PIQET packaging software to the ASEAN region as our solution includes the ability to assess impacts of the full packaging supply chain, including all levels of packaging and the logistical impacts from the product supply chain. PIQET also assesses the impacts of product waste including the manufacturing and disposal of damaged or spoiled products in the supply chain. Lifecycles will also be demonstrating new aspects of the tool including product environmental modelling and organisational reporting.”

Lifecycles consults in packaging and product sustainability in Australia, Asia and Europe and provides customised software solutions and training in the packaging and agri-foods sectors.

Returning Exhibitors in the Australian Pavilion

INOXprovides food processors with a design and manufacturing facility that is 100% Australian owned, 100% Australian MADE and compliant. As a Australian company engaged in successfully providing solutions for food and liquid processing INOX specialises in the design and manufacture of complete systems and equipment for the heating, cooling, and processing of dairy products, juices, sauces, soups, stocks, preserves and jams, slurries, meat sauces, baby foods, fruit preps, specialised ingredients and any type of food products as well as the supply of quality made, and compliant equipment manufactured in Australia for the food processing, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and allied industries.

INOX designs and manufactures specialised custom equipment and processing systems such as, liquid and powder mixing systems (INSTANTISER™), jacketed pressure and vacuum cooking equipment, pasteurising and cooling tunnels, storage and mixing tanks, CIP/COP systems, de-aerators, pressure vessels, aseptic vessels, blending and mixing equipment, Batch mixing, cooking and cooling food processing equipment, Continuous food processing systems for heating, cooking, and cooling including viscous product with particulates.

Inox is truly a one-stop shop in this industry. Process design experience and stainless-steel fabrication know-how ensures that each system designed and manufactured at Inox is delivered with confidence and the customer has service backup.

According to Mr Robert Becher, Managing Director, INOX Australia, ‘2019 will be the fourth consecutive year that INOX will exhibit at PROPAK in the Australian Pavilion.

“The level of interest and showcasing of new, innovative INOX technology for the ASEAN food processing industry has been very well-received. Our goal is to bring our Australian food processing expertise and high-quality standard into the ASEAN market and further improve local and international business relationships between Australia and ASEAN,” Mr Becher said.

“The ASEAN region is a powerhouse of food processing facilities supplying a vast range of speciality ingredients, beverages and food products globally. The process expertise of INOX from it’s now 21-year history has seen Australian companies further advance their processing capabilities into more efficient, safer and quality of their products to the supermarket shelf,”

“The opportunity to enhance production in ASEAN with INOX process knowledge and reliable equipment is at the forefront of the INOX business strategy to enhance food production in this region. Our goal is to assist ASEAN food processing companies to gain a competitive edge and target their points of difference in the marketplace with intelligent processing solutions,” he said.

INOX to unveil NEW demo-chef cooking system at ProPak Asia

INOX will be unveiling its demo-chef cooking system on their stand at ProPak Asia 2019. Based on INOX’s ‘Chef’ series of cooking kettles, the demo-chef is a complete cooking kitchen facility skid mounted system that enables food processors to trial any type of viscous food product under various cooking conditions.

Sautéing, frying, heating and cooking can be achieved under ATMOSPHERIC, PRESSURE or VACUUM conditions. The unique horizontal agitator in the demo-chef cooker has an effective gentle lifting motion that provides a thorough agitation that improves heat transfer from the kettle steam jacket, is capable of mixing products of higher viscosity, and with particulates such as soups, sauces, marinades, jellies, liquid stocks and any other type of liquid food product that requires cooking. This type of agitation is also capable of sautéing or frying products such as onion, garlic or other products that are usually prepared in other frying machinery and then transferred into a kettle.

The demo-chef has the ability to process in this way in the same machine, without the need to transfer the initial product to the final mixture of product inside the kettle. Truly a one-stop cooking system. Thus, saving labour, processing time and the need for additional machinery.

The demo-chef system is available for customers to fully process and test, their food products with INOX cooking systems. This enables and gives customers confidence and proof of process before investing in production equipment. Furthermore, customers can improve on quality and appearance of their food products to further enhance the overall quality, flavours and appearance of their food products. Thus, gaining highly sought-after competitive advantages in the innovative and demanding consumer food product space.


INOX will also be showcasing its high speed, high shear powder and liquid mixing equipment known as the INSTANTISER. The demo, production ready machine will be operating at PROPAK. This mixing equipment is unique in its design, function ability and quality. Mixing of difficult food products are achieved to a high standard and quickly. The final product is homogeneous and lump free to ensure that further processing is of the highest consistency and quality.


For continuous heating or cooling of food products ranging from low viscosity to high viscosity, and with particulates, INOX will be showcasing the KELSTREAM scraped surface heat exchanger. This unique and high production output equipment is capable of heating or cooling at rates from 100L/hr to 5,000L/hr and more depending on the parameters required. Integration with INOX mixing and cooking batch equipment allows INOX to offer continuous processing systems. The KELSTREAM has many benefits that include a small footprint, expansion flexibility, integration into existing systems, low total cost of ownership and a much simpler design and lower maintenance than traditional scraped surface heat exchangers. European sales have steadily grown as this technology has been well received and the benefits realised. INOX proudly brings this innovative technology to the ASEAN processing sector.

Rhimaspecialises in equipment washing systems for businesses, industries and environments where impeccable hygiene and cleanliness are essential. They supply reliable industrial washers off the shelf or custom built to your specifications to comply with HACCP guidelines.

Rhima’s extensive range of specialised equipment includes: Machines specifically designed for prosciutto, salami and ham washing; Bread and vegetable crate washing; Rigid and collapsible crates, manual or fully robotic loading and unloading; 120, 240 and 1,000 litre bin washers; Washing machines custom requirements; Washing and drying machines for chocolate and confectionery moulds; Wastewater pre-treatment systems to ensure compliance with local environmental regulations.

In general manufacturing, the need for perfectly clean products is becoming increasingly important. Rhima’s technical know-how can be applied to cleaning light engineering parts and components that need to meet high QA criteria. In food manufacturing, high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are essential to comply with HACCP guidelines.

Mr Darrem Lam, Business Development Executive South East Asia, Rhima added that ‘Rhima will be showcasing pot and utensil washers as well as a multipurpose crate washer on their stand this year.’

“Rhima are specialists in washing solutions and will be showcasing tray, pot and utensil washers mainly for bakeries. They also have a range of other washers available for different washing purposes, such as crate washers,” Mr Lam said.

“We see that there are growth opportunities in the food manufacturing industry in the ASEAN region and Rhima already has an established base in Singapore and machines in Sri Lanka, India, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand,”

“Our markets are ever-expanding. Not just food manufacturing, but for example with the introduction of water based oils and paints we have supplied washing machines to the automotive and general manufacturing industry,” Mr Lam said.

“The introduction of re-cyclable packaging requires adequate cleaning processes. As the single use market is under pressure due to environmental issues, the re-useable market will only expand. Items needs to be cleaned effectively and efficiently,”

“Washing, or rather dishwashing, is a low interest product. It is not glamorous; it does not add any intricate value to a product’s taste or market allure. Washrooms are mostly wet, misty areas with high staff turnover and little interest from management. Yet companies have been forced to close due to hygiene issues. A typical example of this has been Garibaldi Smallgoods and recently Maple Company in Canada who due to swift and decisive action avoided a disaster,”

“The uniqueness of Rhima products is that they can silently and unglamorously save a company from total ruin even when the product is perfect, the balance sheet healthy, sales expanding and the company riding the crest of the waves.” Mr Lam said.

Profile Solutionsstarted in 1993 and have been designing, manufacturing and leak testers since the beginning. In 1998 they started selling the leak testers under the Profile Solution brand and have been exported to 35 countries. For more than two decades they have made the world’s fastest single head leak tester. In a test run they were able to test a small container around 10-15 cc and find a hole 0.18mm in a peak run at 17,475 per hour on one head. Profile Solutions offer leak testing and automation solutions for container from 10ml to 1000L. When you walk into a supermarket a large proportion of all the bottles filled in Australia have been tested on a device made by Profile Solutions. Their automation solutions have mainly been in conjunction with blow moulding machines including bung inserters, rotators, transfer devices, dust cap placement and palletiser using CNC 5 axis and linear robots. They have also made very short cycle time stacking devices.

Profile Solutions to showcase 4LD Plastic Bottle leak tester

Profile Solutions will be showing a working 4LD Plastic bottle leak tester capable of testing > 4500 small bottles per, which is also flexible enough to test up to 6L containers. Profile Solutions manufactures the fastest plastic bottle leak testers per test head in the world and they have exported to 35 countries so far. The flagship unit is the 6LD has on small bottle tested >17000 bottles per hour on a single head, world record testing and was still finding 0.18 mm holes.

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) will not only be exhibiting in the Australian Pavilion but will also be launching the inaugural Global Packaging Forum, in conjunction with the show organisers on the 12th of June. As the peak professional body for packaging training and education in Australasia the AIP welcomes visitors to the stand to discuss professional and personal development.

Inaugural Global Packaging Forum – 12th June

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), in conjunction with UBM Allworld, will be running the inaugural Global Packaging Forum on the 12th of June @ ProPak Asia 2019. Speakers will be coming from all across the globe to discuss regional and global trends in Sustainable Packaging, Biodegradable and Compostable Packaging, 2025 Sustainable Packaging Targets, how the industry can help minimise Food Waste, Save Food Packaging Design, Regional and Global Trends in packaging, innovation, digital printing, robotics & automation and more. The speakers will come from both key global packaging associations and leading companies in these markets. All of industry is invited to attend and tickets will be free.

Sustainable Packaging Training Course – 14 June

The AIP will also be running their new ‘Introduction to Sustainable Packaging Training Course on the 14th for all of industry to attend.

Overview of the Sustainable Packaging Training Course

How do you work your way through the maze of demands to change packaging to meet environmental challenges? This course is designed to assist anyone who is responsible in their business to make packaging changes to meet ‘War on Waste’ questions, changes to retailer and consumer trends and behaviours; while not spending any more money at the end.

The course will provide attendees a better understanding of the practical guidelines and criteria needed to design and develop sustainable packaging including the Sustainability Hierarchy of Reduce, Reuse then Recycle and the Circular Economy approach to packaging and the environment.

Discussions will also cover Plastic, Glass and Metal packaging and their impact on the environment and whether the use of non-renewable resources, plant-based bioplastics, compostable and recycled materials and various tools can assist their business to understand the full life of packaging. This will involve the impact of ‘Food or Product Waste’.

Participants will be invited to bring with them a sample of their company’s packaging materials to use as a case study.

Course Objectives:

· To provide participants an understanding of the current environmental issues that are impacting the producers of packaging and the manufacturers and retailers of packaged product.

· To provide participants an understanding of sustainable packaging design and the practical design guidelines and approaches required in the packaging design process including End of Life (EoL) thinking.

· To provide participants with a better view of Best Practice Examples and Case Studies of award-winning Sustainable Packaging and Save Food Packaging innovations.

Who should attend?

If you are responsible for your business’s packaging design, performance or purchase specification, then you should attend. Packaging Designers, Technologists and Engineers, anyone responsible for Environmental Strategy Development, Marketing & Sales, Graphic Designers. Registrations are now open using

HMPS is an Australian company who specialise in the design, development and manufacturing of high-quality machinery for packaging processes. Starting out as a result of the key wine industry in South Australia, the company designed and developed the first Bag in Box machinery back in the eighties and has since grown to offer case packers, RSC, palletisers, carton erectors and sealers, sleevers, crate packers, pick and place applications and specialised robotic solutions.

HMPS are able to offer innovative and specialised machinery which has been adapted to the client’s unique requirements. HMPS machinery is exported to Asia, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe and the USA.

Offering customers the latest in Industry 4.0 technology, HMPSConnect can be fitted to machinery as an optional extra. This option gives customers assurance that no matter where they are in the world, they have access to insight into their operation as well as remote technical support. Furthermore, HMPS has a fully trained technical team who travel to customers to assist with on-site commissioning, service and repairs. As a global player they partner with the very best component suppliers ensuring spare parts and support is available to all their customers regardless of where they are based.

Mr Linh Bui, Commercial Manager, HMPS is looking forward to exhibiting for the fifth consecutive year in the Australian Pavilion.

“HMPS have installed a number of machines across the ASEAN regionwith customers in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and China. We have a dedicated export team who looks after these customers ,their installations and technical requirements,”

“HMPS believes that our flexible approach to packaging and the scalability of the solutions we offer are of interest and value to Asia. HMPS offers machinery which can pack a large variety of sizes and configurations. All machines are custom designed according to the customer’s unique requirements. Machines are built to the highest quality standards and the solution is designed and engineered by our team of over 50 qualified staff who include design, mechanical, electrical, electropneumatic and software engineers.” Mr Bui said.

HMPS will be exhibiting the new award-winning compact frame at Propak Asia.

HMPS has developed a modular frame design which allows for benefits on multiple layers. For customers it means flexibility around growth and expansion which allows them to be fit for future. The standardised machine design in a modular format with a smaller more compact footprint. The electronics are all fitted in an overhead panel which ensures that it is out of the way and only operated by appropriate staff members. 

One of the key design elements is the visibility of the machine. Fault finding is a lot easier as the machine will light up in the area where the problem has occurred. The inner workings it off the ground allowing for ease of access, a safer operating environment for the operator and a clear walkway. A washdown version is available allowing for hygienic operation which is sealed or easily cleaned.

Finite Element Analysis was completed on the standard parts and HMPS understand the vibration and harmonics of the machine at various loads. This allows for a frame with less movement, a safer operating environment and a longevity of the product. Because these studies are already completed, the customer can look forward to a high-quality product manufactured in a short period of time. There is an option to fit machines with HMPSConnect, HMPS’ IoT solutions so that manufacturers even in the ASEAN region have the ability to receive the same amount of technical support; which has become increasingly popular with customers.

Fibre Kingis a 90-year-old engineering company, specialising in the design and manufacture of end of line packaging machinery. Fibre King produces case packers, palletisers, meat equipment and crate automation equipment for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, meat, fresh produce and household and personal goods industries.

Fibre King works with customers to create engineered end of line automation solutions for the beverage, food, FMCG, personal care, pharmaceutical, meat and fresh produce industries. Their flexible automation range includes case packing, palletising, robotic integration, conveying systems and crate handling.

Whether you are looking for a basic off-the-shelf packaging machine, or a fully customised turnkey solution with integration and robotics, you will enjoy lower overall cost-of-use with Fibre King equipment. With over 90 years of engineering excellence, international packaging experience and strong service capability, it is little wonder that Fibre King is a leading packaging equipment supplier.

Fibre King have a combined 5000 square metres of factory space in Australia and Thailand, a team of over 100 designers, engineers, technicians, sales, service and support staff that all work together to export the international standard in packaging equipment across the globe.

Mr James Windsor, Managing Director, Fibre King added that ‘they continue to exhibit at ProPak Asia annually because as a local manufacturer in Thailand it is a great opportunity to showcase Fibre King capabilities and generate local enquiries for their solutions’.

“Even before we established our manufacturing facility in Thailand in 2012 the business had been exporting to the ASEAN region for over 20 years. Now that we are local it is fantastic to have a world-leading tradeshow right on our doorstep.” Mr Windsor said.

Fibre King to showcase new Compact Modular Palletiser

This year Fibre King will be showcasing one of their newest machines, the Compact Modular Palletiser (CMP). This machine is designed specifically for palletising in facilities where space is limited, the footprint of the machine is just 2 metres wide by 3 metres long.

Fibre King will also be showing off some of their latest IOT and Industry 4.0 initiative which they have integrated into the CMP. Specific features which will be displayed include, on machine pallet pattern generation, operator efficiency training, real time productivity data and predictive maintenance technology.

Fibre King will also be offering the opportunity for customers to visit their Rayong facility and view the quality of their workmanship first-hand.

Australian Companies that are exhibiting outside of the Australian Pavilionacross other zones include Gold Peg, Heat and Control, tna, Metz Specialty Materials, and Moisttech/Maselli Asia Pacific.

Metz Specialty Materials is a 100% Australian owned and operated business that was founded over 65 years ago and has remained focussed ever since on providing specialist building materials to assist industry resist the damaging effects of corrosion and abrasion. The operating company manufactures and sells a broad range of materials predominantly used for Acid Proofing and Industrial Flooring. Their manufacturing facility is located in Clayton North, Melbourne, Australia and is Quality Accredited to AS/NZS ISO9001:2008. Their accreditation is for ‘The development and manufacture of acid proofing materials, tile fixing systems and industrial flooring materials’ and the business are a proud exporter of Australian made products.

According to Mr Stuart Ellis, Export Manager, Metz Specialty Materials, ‘‘ProPak Asia provides the perfect platform to showcase our range of flooring to companies that are attending the show in search of packaging equipment. Once they see our Australian-made quality flooring they soon realise that it is the perfect solution to sit their equipment on,’

“We will be displaying a small range of our products, specifically for the Food & Beverage industry, (but applicable across many others) and highlighting our uniqueness in this area of construction. Metz manufacture supply and install both tile and epoxy/PU (resin) flooring and we will have a dynamic display that pours water over a tiled flooring system into a drain, so visitors have the ability to touch and feel the tiles and water,” Mr Ellis said.

“For Asia, we currently have an exclusive distributor arrangement with companies in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia so we are working across the entire ASEAN Region.” he said.

Heat and Controlis a privately owned multi-national manufacturer of industrial food processing and packaging systems and is the industry leader for developing and implementing innovative customised solutions. For over sixty-five years Heat and Control has set the standard for food processing systems and today provides processing, product handling and packaging solutions for a wide variety of food products. Their systems and equipment help their clients to produce consistently, high quality food products, in large volumes, at high levels of efficiency.

Heat and Control has been serving manufacturing companies in food industry since 1950 and are specialists in providing turnkey processing and packaging equipment solutions. The company offers a comprehensive range of equipment to produce snack foods such as potato chips, corn-based snacks, nuts and legumes, namkeen and french fries along with coating, frying and cooking equipment to value-add to meat, poultry and seafood products. From concept, testing and installation, to after-sales service and support, our team of technicians, engineers and product experts have the knowledge to ensure your systems are up and running smoothly and are optimised for your product specifications.

According to Mr Ricky Ong, Sales Manager – Asia & Sales Team, ‘Heat and Control have been a long-term exhibitor of ProPak Asia for closer to fifteen years,’

“As the premier packaging and processing show for the ASEAN region Heat and Control sees ProPak Asia as an important event to showcase our technology to the region, meet our existing customers and new prospects. With many Thai food manufacturers exporting their products globally, Heat and Control are well-versed with their own global footprint to share our wealth of experience and expertise,” Mr Ong said.

“Heat and Control have been actively serving the ASEAN region since the 1970’s with a sales office in Singapore and after-sales representatives throughout the ASEAN region. The company has an extensive network of local Agents exclusively representing and servicing Heat and Control equipment to assure local support to our customer-base,”

“We understand the needs and expectations of our customers due to our long history of supply and regular visits by our sales and service personnel. Opportunities include both traditional and new generation products which demand large volume production, consistent high quality, sanitation, efficiency and cost savings to customers.” he said.

Generation FastBack Distribution System to be showcased on Heat & Control stand

With an extensive range Heat and Control will showcase a selection of their available equipment so that visitors can see first-hand the build quality. This will include their latest generation FastBack® Distribution system and the world’s only true multi-spectrum metal detector from CEIA.

As exclusive representatives of industry leader, CEIA, Heat and Control offer their metal detection systems to the food and pharmaceutical industries. Representatives will be on the booth to walk visitors through their fully-interactive touch-screen display cataloguing the complete product offering of Heat and Control.

Gold Peg is an Australian company who is globally known for designing and manufacturing world-leading direct steam injection cooking and processing systems. Large multi-national companies, as well as independent food manufacturers choose Gold Peg equipment. Gold Peg’s systems are easy to use with automatic recipe systems, require minimal maintenance, and are fully hygienic.

Gold Peg to launch FreeTherm and Pizza Cheese at ProPak Asia

Building on Gold Peg’s outstanding expertise and reputation in direct steam injection cooking, Gold Peg are launching a new processing range of equipment at ProPak Asia 2019.

According to Paula Bell, Marketing Manager, Gold Peg, ‘they have chosen ProPak Asia 2019 to launch a brand-new batch processing system called the FreeTherm. Freetherm is purpose-designed for the region’s cooking and processing requirements.’

“Whilst Gold Peg’s name is strongly related to continuous cooking success, we acknowledge that continuous cooking is not feasible for all situations. Therefore, we have designed the FreeTherm batch processing system,” Ms Bell said.

The FreeTherm brings elements of the proven efficient and effective RotaTherm® continuous cooking & processing technology to the batch cooking processing world.

With the FreeTherm the product is:

· Mixed by two independently controlled augers

· Heated with unique Gold Peg Direct Steam Injectors which eliminate hot spots

· De-aerated using an integrated vacuum system

· Held in an insulated buffer tank once processed for delivery to downstream system

Throughout the process the product temperature is accurately monitored by Gold Peg’s unique self-cleaning temperature probes. The FreeTherm is available with various capacities.

Gold Peg will also be launching a new process for manufacturing ‘Pizza Cheeses’ at the show. Pizza cheeses are types of pasta filata that are made purely from powder or with some natural cheese content.

The Natec Network recognised the growing popularity and global market demand for Pizza Cheese, and in response, the strength of the Natec Network R&D team developed a unique process for its production. The robust process can optimally produce ‘Pizza Cheese’ across the full range of recipe and compositions. The new process utilises a RotaTherm® continuous cooker, or a FreeTherm batch processor, in combination with a unique new equipment unit called a ‘Finisher’.

Gold Peg are part of the innovative market leading ‘Natec Network’ with Hochland Natec.

Gold Peg will exhibit together and Hochland Natec in the Bavarian pavilion under the listing of ‘Hochland Natec’ at the ProPakAsia 2019.

Maselli Asia Pacificare the regional hub for Maselli (Parma Italy) who have been in business since 1948. Maselli has made a significant contribution to the evolution of technology and understanding of liquid analysis systems. They design and produce automatic on-line and laboratory liquid analysers operating in the most varied sectors, from food and beverage through to harsh environments and chemical applications. Their systems for the measurement of Brix, Diet, CO2, O2, Alcohol and liquid concentration are used by the world’s leading companies. Maselli are recognised as a market leader in this field of technology.

According to Mr Sean Herrington, Managing Director, Maselli Asia Pacific, ‘they will be presenting new solutions to market and will use ProPak Asia as the launch platform for the ASEAN region.’

“Maselli have had operations in the Asia Pacific region since 1982 and we see a great deal of opportunity in the beer and beverage markets for the new range of laboratory equipment we are launching at ProPak this year,” Mr Herrington said.

“We will showcase our new LP10 and LP20 series range of laboratory and portable liquid analysers for Brix, CO2, O2, Alcohol designed to meet the current needs of the alcohol, beer and soft drink producers in the region.” he said.

tnastarted in Sydney in 1982 as a consulting company to the food packaging industry. In 1984, the company was incorporated to develop high-speed vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machines and launched its first product, the tna robag, in the Australian market. Based on ground-breaking rotary continuous motion and the now-famous ‘stripping’ action using rotary jaws, the tna robag completely redefined the performance standards of VFFS systems and is still one the best-selling VFFS machines in the world.

Today, tnais a leading global supplier of integrated food processing and packaging solutions with over 14,000 systems installed across more than 120 countries. The company provides a comprehensive range of products including materials handling, processing, cooling and freezing, coating, distribution, seasoning, weighing, packaging, inserting and labelling, metal detection, verification and end-of-line solutions.

Zaw Htoo Aung, General Manager – tna Asia, confirmed that ‘This will be tna solution’s sixth time exhibiting at ProPak Asia.’

“Asia is a key market for the complete line of innovative, turnkey solutions due to its immense potential for future growth. Following the recent acquisitions of FOODesign, Florigo and NID, tna solutions now offer food manufacturers an even wider portfolio of food production equipment for a range of applications including snacks, confectionery, French fries and fresh and frozen products. It is great to have the opportunity to showcase this at a premier event such as ProPak Asia,”

“The Asian food industry is changing rapidly at the moment. There are so many new product launches on the market that it is becoming increasingly challenging for manufacturers to keep up with the latest trends. As a single source supplier, we are well-positioned to deliver local food manufacturers forward-thinking solutions that can provide them with the flexibility they need to quickly change their production setup. Whether this is a seasoning machine that allows for quick flavour changes or a packaging system that can handle a variety of different bag formats on the same line, the less time manufacturers waste on changeovers, setups, cleaning or repairs, the more profitable they are and our solutions can help them achieve this.” Zaw Htoo said.

tna robag 3ci rotary VFFS packaging system to be showcased on stand

tna robag® FX 3ci: a rotary vertical, form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system. Compact and easy-to-clean, this turnkey system is designed to package at top speeds from a single tube with triple rotary jaw action for a wide range of products.

Come and meet the Australian exhibitors and see what new and innovative products and solutions they will be showcasing to suit the ASEAN Region.

Known as Asia’s number one packaging and processing exhibition ProPak Asia 2019 will showcase over 20,000 products and solutions across 1900 exhibitors from 50 countries within 9 zones over 4 days. There will be 18 pavilions from 13 countries including Australia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, UK, and USA. To be held from the 12 to 15th of June in Bangkok, Thailand, ProPak Asia has been serving the ASEAN Region for 27 years and is the regional hub for connecting packaging and processing manufacturers and suppliers.

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